Your dog will be free to play, exercise and learn new skills with their doggy friends before returning back home in the evening, happy and relaxed after an action packed day.

Eddie's Doggy Daycare centre has indoor and outdoor areas so they can play in the fenced field, take a dip in the paddling pools or relax in the dog cabins….. Whether it’s rain or shine, the dogs will always have somewhere to play.

Our qualified & experienced team are with your dog all day long, to ensure full supervision of the doggies. We have carefully structured each day to ensure there is a correct balance of play and relaxation. Each dog is treated individually at Eddie’s Doggy Daycare and we will tailor the day specifically to your dog. So if you have a bouncy puppy, small or large dog, we will ensure the day fits your pet’s requirements.

Photos and videos are taken throughout the day so you can see what your doggy gets up to at the centre… We will even send these to your phone if you want to check and see if your doggy is behaving



At Eddie's, your dog will spend the day playing, exploring, splashing & resting with their furr-iends at the daycare centre. 

Our staff provide constant supervision, affection & attention in the separate areas within our daycare. 

We have paddling pools for the hot summer days, gazebos to provide shade, agility courses to satisfy a dogs primal instincts, heated cabins with dogs beds to rest those tired heads & lots of toys and treats.

Here at Eddie's we know that experiences during the first year of a dog's life can make all the difference to their development and temperament. At the daycare, your puppy will take part in daily group play sessions, introducing them to other puppies to build their confidence.


Daycare also provides an opportunity for your puppy to become familiar with a wide range of different scents, sights & sounds preparing them for a variety of life scenarios.

As we are aware, feeding & rest times are essential to the development of any puppy, as part of the puppy daycare programme, Eddie's team will feed your dog during the day & ensure they have an opportunity for downtime. 


We will soon be offering a grooming service at daycare. So you won't have to worry about spending your free time getting your puppy's hair trimmed.