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08:15AM - 18:00PM

08:15AM - 18:00PM

08:15AM - 18:00PM

08:15AM - 18:00PM

08:15AM - 18:00PM


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Epping Forest District Council Licence Award

VAT Reg number: 272736290




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To be one of the leading doggy daycare centres within the UK and to be first choice for pet parents in our district. To continue to provide the upmost care and socialisation for your dogs.

We strive to provide quality care to each and every dog under our supervision. We aim to ensure every client is provided with a stress-free pet care experience whilst their pup enjoys a day out at Eddie’s Doggy Daycare.

Quality Service | Reliability | Love | Accommodating | Integrity | Dedication | Honesty


In 2014 Laurence the dog entered Eddie’s life. Having previously volunteered in dog shelters and growing up around animals, Eddie knew the joy that a pooch could bring into a family home. But it was soon apparent that his busy London lifestyle was not suited for or compatible with caring for his puppy.

In a desperate bid, Eddie tried dog walkers to try and tire Laurence and evening puppy classes for socialisation, but Eddie felt Laurence was not getting the attention or the exercise that he so desperately craved.

That’s when Eddie sussed it, his daughter was off to nursery, so why wasn’t there a similar service available for dogs?


Eddie’s ​​has come a long way since the very first dog in 2014! The day care centre is one of the most popular daycares in London & Essex and the Highest Rated Doggy Daycare by Epping Forest District Council.

The doggy nursery boasts fully secure fields, heated indoor log cabins complete with dog beds for tired pups, agility courses for the extra intuitive pooches, gazebos for the dogs to laze in the shade, paddling pools for the extra hot days and of course plenty of toys!

Eddie’s Doggy Daycare offers a pick up and drop off service, so you don’t have to worry about a thing during your busy mornings. Your dogs will spend a full day where they are free to play, exercise, socialise and learn new skills with their doggy friends whilst the fun is constantly supervised by Eddie & his fully trained team.

Each dog is treated individually at Eddie’s Doggy Daycare and using our experience we will tailor the day specifically to your dog. So, if you have a bouncy puppy, small or large dog, we will ensure the day fits your pet’s requirements. All of our dogs undertake an assessment by a member of our team to ensure that all attending are suitable to join our pack!





FAVOURITE BREED: Difficult to pick just one, but as I own a bull dog, maybe I'm biased to this breed. 

PREVIOUS/CURRENT PETS: Laurence the bull dog, I've had Raffy & Charlie both Red Setters and grown up with cats, rabbits & guinea pigs.

TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: I have volunteered at a dog rescue centre. I am canine first aid trained & constantly keeping up to date with the latest qualifications. 

HOBBIES: Doggy Daycare, Doggy Daycare, Doggy Daycare!!!

GOALS: To achieve one of the highest quality Doggy Daycare's in the country. Striving for excellence & a market leader within the industry. 



FAVOURITE BREED: Spaniels & Labradors are my favourite, but I love all the dogs! 

PREVIOUS/CURRENT PETS: I owned a beautiful merle collie & I am looking to get another dog in the near future.

TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: I volunteered at the PDSA and have done various courses including body language, canine behaviour, animal care & canine first aid.



FAVOURITE BREED: I love them all! But I am partial to Border Collies 

PREVIOUS/CURRENT PETS: I recently rescued a mixed breed who is just 16 months old, he is settling in lovely! I also have a cat who weirdly seems to love dogs! Previously I have had a Border Collie, Lhasa Apso and a Rottweiler. 

TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: I studied at Capel Manor College back in 2008, from there I have been a Vet Nurse, Assisted in dog grooming and was lucky enough to work along side GP and Detection dogs, watching them train and work was incredible!

HOBBIES: Aside from personally training pets in obedience and sports, (previous dog I trained in agility) my other passion is music, playing a little guitar and having a sing song!

GOALS: My main goal is just to give back the happiness that dogs have given me over the years!



FAVOURITE BREED: Almost impossible to choose but I do love Staffies with a passion!

PREVIOUS/CURRENT PETS: I previously had a staffie named Ruby, alongside a Lurcher/Labrador cross called Murrey. Also had a gorgeous and eccentric Springer Spaniel called Fergus! Over the years I've had snakes, rats & hamsters too!

TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: Besides spending my entire life around dogs, as all of my family have, I also volunteered at a small kennels up in Lincolnshire during secondary school.

HOBBIES: Music is my other passion, besides animals! I play guitar in a couple of bands and also have a small recording studio.

GOALS: Simply to keep as many dogs happy as possible, whether at daycare or just every day!



FAVOURITE BREED: Hard to choose just one, but I do love dachshunds!

PREVIOUS/CURRENT PETS: I have a Cairne Terrier who is 12 (old boy) and a Jack Russell who i rescued from the streets and is a little sweet heart! I also have a 19 year old cat who's the boss of the house!

TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: I years of experience working with dogs including kennels, Daycare's & dog grooming. I am also a qualified dog groomer. 

HOBBIES: Apart from playing with dogs... I enjoy photography, cinema, music & travelling.



FAVOURITE BREED: I adore each and every one of them equally, but I do have a soft spot for the Dachshunds, Staffies, Beagles & Cockapoos.

PREVIOUS/CURRENT PETS: I currently own two lovely rescue cats who're brothers, Rusty & Seb. They are both 3 years old & I previously had a very old cat called Dibbles, he lived to 19 years old.

TRAINING/EXPERIENCE: I am currently studying an Animal Care Level 3 course at Capel Manor College & already have my Level 2 qualification. I have had lots of experience with animals, from dog grooming, walking & kennel work to zoo keeping & animal training. 

HOBBIES: I absolutely love nature, animals & spending my time outdoors no matter what the weather. Eddie's Doggy Daycare is my passion, it's such a special part of me & I love each and every dog with my whole heart & treat them like they are my own. I also enjoy history, traveling & music, to read & watch movies.

GOALS: My 2 main goals are to provide the best daycare experience for every dog who comes to daycare, and to make them happy & comfortable. My other main goal is to eventually get a full time job at Eddie's as I'll get to see all the beautiful pups daily!