Our secure daycare allows your dog to play off the lead all day, in our indoor & outdoor areas, under the supervision of our fully trained staff.

Your dog will only socialise with assessed dogs.


Feel guilt free when you are unable to dedicate all your time to your dog.

No more alone time for your pooch, allowing them to play with friends all day.


Our trained staff will guide your dogs behaviour all day. 

Our physical and mental training will keep your dogs active and stimulated.

Prevent negative behaviours by eradicating boredom.


Dogs are free to play, exercise and learn new skills with their doggy friends under the watchful eye of our dedicated team. 

Our daycare ensures that even the most energetic dogs will come home content & relaxed.


Eddie's Doggy Daycare is committed to providing daycare excellence, achieving the highest rated license for daycares by Epping Forest District Council. 

Our dedicated staff will collect your dog in the mornings, take them to the daycare where they will be free to play, exercise and learn new skills with their doggy friends before returning back home in the evening, happy and relaxed after an action packed day. 

Eddie's Doggy Daycare centre has indoor and outdoor areas so the dogs can play in the fenced fields, take a dip in the paddling pools or relax in the heated cabins.... whether it's rain or shine, the dogs will always have somewhere to play and rest.

Our qualified and experienced team are with your dog all day long, to ensure full supervision of the doggies. We have carefully structured each day to ensure there is a correct balance of play and relaxation. Our team form strong bonds with your dogs enabling them, with their wealth of training, to understand and observe each dogs personality and behaviours. 

Each dog is treated individually at Eddie's Doggy Daycare and we will tailor the day specifically to your dog.  

Eddie's Daycare layout ensures breeds of different shapes & sizes are grouped accordingly.

So if you have a bouncy puppy, small or large dog, we will make sure their day fits your pet's requirements.

Photos and videos are taken throughout the day so you can see what your doggy gets up to at the centre.

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